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Would you like to write for us?

Do you have any reviews? Do you have an opinion that needs to be heard? Have you always wanted to list your Top Ten of Anything? Have you got a passion for the strange, weird, geeky and absurd? Then get in touch because we want to hear from you. We are looking for people to contribute articles to Pop Nonsense.

  • Sharing your article at Pop Nonsense will give exposure to you, and to your website or blog. Our social media channels are growing every day as is our reach and traffic. So if you are looking to spread the word on what you do, feel free to contribute.
  • We’ll give you the credit. We’re not going to steal your stuff. Deep down we’re nice people. We’ll give you a bio and some links so people can find out who you are and what you do. Also if we do share your article on Social Media we’ll make sure we tag you.

Just a few things we’ll ask of you.

Writing Requirements

  1. We dont want no back of a cigarette packet stuff. Your articles should be longer 700 words and as long as you want. We dont want to stifle your creative juices!
  2. Be relevant. We’re all about the geeky and trivia stuff. If you want to write about losing weight then this aint the place for you I’m afraid but if you want to write about how Christian Bale lost all that fat for The Machinist then we are all ears! It’s all about your angle.
  3. The articles should be well-written. No Splelling mistkes or errrs please.
  4. Dont be a thief. We want your own stuff not someone elses.
  5. We reserve the right to edit content. If we think it needs it.
  6. We don’t pay for articles in cash but we do pay in love. Not like that though you filth merchant. We add a short bio at the bottom of the article. We’ll add a link to your website. An actual link, not on of these “no follow” link thinks.
  7. No affiliate stuff. We’re not that dumb!

How to Submit Your Article/Post?

Email us your article, attaching it as a word document to popnonsensechannel@gmail.com

If you would like any particular images or videos in the article then please copy and paste them into your document in the relevant places.

We will email you, if we decide to publish your article.

Please note that we can’t promise that every article submitted will be published. It’s just one of those things, don’t take offence.

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