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Gameboy - Phone Wallet Case

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Gone are the days of trying to play Gameboy at night in the back of your parent's car and if you were one of the lucky ones who got a backlight from Santa Claus it only really made things marginally better. 

Today's young folks have no idea how lucky they are. You can game on almost any device. I've actually seen people play Doom on a calculator and Sonic the Hedgehog in Microsoft Excel! 

Those days are gone but nostalgia is here to stay. That's why we designed this fantastic Gameboy phone wallet. Now you are a grown up you can store your money and cards in here as well as your phone. The ironic thing is you can play all these games on your phone now and there's no need to stuff cartridges in your pockets and five sets of spare batteries!

Available for all major mobile phones.


  • Environmentally-friendly, animal-safe, leather-like material.
  • RFID protection material built in.
  • Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.