Music Makes the World Go Round

Take a minute and imagine a world without music. It would be a pretty grim place, just think of everything that has been impacted and improved by music, including your life.

Certain songs will take us back to a certain time, the time and thought that goes into picking the first song at a wedding and even the songs that will be played at your funeral. Every major moment in your life will have music in there somewhere and we want to embrace that.

It is easy to be snobby about music no matter what you are into being it metal, soul, rap, dance or even pop music but we like to think that there is a time and place for all music. Whether it is a band you used to love and are starting to get back into, a band that you have followed from day one or someone that you have just started listening to and have an extensive back catalogue to go through we want to have something for you.

Whether it’s our lyric T-shirts that borrow some of the most memorable lines from your favourite artists or our record T-Shirts, designed to look like the records we queued up to buy before finally getting them home to drop the needle and give it that first listen, we want you to enjoy our designs as much as you enjoy the music they pay tribute too.

What Band T-Shirts are Available at Pop Nonsense

As we said, we don’t discriminate so you are as likely to find a Metallica T-shirt as you are a Johnny Cash or Spice Girls one.

As far as music genres go we will be more than happy to explore each and every one as we expand our range. As with all of our designs we want to hear from you, what you like and what you want to see. We are always open to suggestions and you can keep up to date with all of our latest designs and get in touch with our social media profiles or sign up to our mailing list.

The benefits of signing up to our mailing list include exclusive deals, offers and discounts as well as hearing first about any limited edition T-Shirts or Pin Badges we will be making.

How Often Do You Make New Designs?

At Pop Nonsense we believe in fanning the flames of creativity, sometimes we come up with too many ideas and have to try to reign ourselves in a bit.

Because of this we will be regularly adding new designs to make sure we have fresh T-Shirts and Pin badges for our customers.

We also want to give our customers something a bit different so if you are sick of seeing the same of designs on other sites, hopefully, we can give you some unique and fresh approaches that aren’t already clogging up the market.

Will Designs Always Be Available?

We will be creating a number of limited edition T-Shirts, Pin Badges and other assorted bits of merchandise so these won’t always be available. We will always have a great collection of music T Shirts available on demand though so don’t worry about choice.

If you want to make sure you know all about our limited edition releases and have the best opportunity to scoop one before they sell out then you should follow our social media profiles and sign up to our mailing list.

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How Are Your Music T-Shirts Made?

All of our music T-Shirts will be made to order meaning that your T-Shirt will be specifically printed just for you. Because of this, we won’t accept returns unless there is an issue on our end.

In order to give you the best quality T-Shirts, we are using DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. This has given us the freedom to create some great designs without being shackled by limitations.

What Other Pop Culture T-Shirts and Pin Badges Will You Have?

If you are into gaming, films, TV, comics, art or anything that falls under the ‘Pop Culture’ bracket then you are in for a treat.

We want to include and cover as many genres as we can and it may take a while but we will get there.

Joining our mailing list will give you first access to all new designs and as always we want to hear from you about the kind of Pop Culture T-Shirts and Pin Badges you want to see here at Pop Nonsense.