How Much Do You Love Films?

You might not know this about us, especially if you have been reading our blogs and watching us on YouTube with a blindfold on but, WE LOVE FILMS. We love new films, we love old films, we love scary films, we love sci-fi films, we love funny films, we love geeky films, we love action films...I’m sure you get the gist (apparently that word’s not spelt jist!) we LOVE films.

It’s not just the fact that you can sit down and be taken into a whole other world, feel sad or happy, laugh or cry at something that is actually deep down, just people pretending. There’s more to it than that, we love backstories, Easter eggs, fan theories and everything that has become part and parcel of the modern film world.

Gone are the days when you would go and sit in a cinema for ninety minutes, enjoy your film then carry on with your life. Now you have folk like us that want to talk about them on YouTube, we even sit and watch other people’s reactions to trailers...TRAILERS for Al Pacino's sake! This is what the film world has become and we love it.

The excitement of a new film coming out is huge. Facebook pages and groups start up and the odd spoiler floats about, someone gets hold of an old script and suddenly it’s on Reddit, blogs, podcasts and videos appear everywhere. We want everything we can find about it. The recent releases of Jurassic World and Stephen King’s IT saw a huge frenzy for more information and, of course, merchandise.

Posters, alternative film art, toys, and T-Shirts are a big part of the build-up and fandom of many films and we are wholeheartedly embracing that.

We are trying to offer other people like us the opportunity to buy T-shirts that other film fans will get. That’s right, we are those people that revel in an obscure reference that draws mostly blank stares but is worth it for that one nod of recognition. If you know, you know.

We will be tackling cult classics like A Clockwork Orange, Aliens, IT, Friday the 13th and much more. We will also be looking at what films are going to be coming out soon so we can stay up to date with new releases because as much as we love old films we need to see new films.

No matter the genre we will be taking a look to see what T-Shirts we can come up with, and when we say all we mean ALL. I am particularly looking forward to our Sleepless in Seattle range, a modern classic starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who wouldn’t want a T-shirt of that?

We have a million and one ideas for film T Shirts at the moment that we will be adding to our shop as they are made so take a look through the T shirts already available. Have an idea yourself? Give us a shout, we are always open to great ideas and who better to tell is what they want than the people we make stuff for.

Whether you like your films at the cinema, on council telly, Netflix, Amazon Prime or you are the kind of monster that illegally streams movies, we will have a T Shirt for you. Films are becoming more and more accessible and with this, we expect to see people not only enjoying brand new Hollywood blockbusters but also exploring classics from years gone by.

The recent trend in 80’s nostalgia will likely see an increase in viewers watching the likes of The Goonies, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones and a whole load more. Every time a film is remade, and that is becoming more common, we can now find the original to contrast and compare the two.

All of this accessibility is creating a demand for merchandise in some movies that have long been forgotten. That’s why we are here, we want you to think about a funny line or moment for a film and enjoy finding it on our site.

We are embracing the ability to enjoy films with a worldwide community and we want that community to tell us exactly what they think of their favourite films.

How do you make your T-Shirts then?

We have an army of hardworking elves carefully hand stitching each and every garment, because they live to be over 200 years old they get to be pretty good at making...hold on a minute...what? Ok, so it turns out that we use actual humans that use a Direct to Garment printer.

Because we know how frustrating it is to get a t shirt that doesn’t wash well or fades quickly which is why we tested the shirts personally.

Direct to Garment printing employs a technique that uses an ink to soak directly into the garment. This results in a bright, vibrant, long lasting print. Personally I would have preferred the elves  but apparently there is an issue with their existence that is causing a problem.

Each T shirt you order is made especially for you. That’s right, we don’t have manky old t shirts sitting about on a shelf waiting for someone to throw it in the post. Each one is created with love and dedication as soon as you order it so, as I am sure you would expect, the only way we accept returns is if there is a genuine fault like a massive hole in the T Shirt or a character from one of those Twilight films is on it (we jest, if you like a film you never have to feel guilty about it...unless that film is White Chicks then you should be deeply ashamed).

If you want to know more about this or the best way to care for your new T Shirt you can read our Terms and Conditions and Care Instruction pages until your little heart is content.

How Often Do You Add Designs?

We are constantly coming up with ideas, some of those ideas (pogo Zimmer frames) are rightly shifted to the dusty corners of our minds, others are put into production straight away so it is always worth while checking back to see what else we have come up with.

Keep up to date with us on our social media accounts to see the new designs and for opportunities to win T shirts and more in the future.

You can also take the opportunity to let us know your favourite films and what great film T shirts you would like to see us make. By joining in our conversations we can widen our scope and find out exactly what everyone is looking for. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that we are just going to focus on the most popular films, TV shows and more. We like the idea of being able to make the kind of T shirts that we want but can’t find.

With so many cult classics and sneaky wee Easter eggs, we are sure we can continue to create great original and unique film related T shirts for you on a regular basis.


How Do You Come Up With Your Ideas?

Our ideas are stolen from a group of Elves we have imprisoned in...hold on a minute...What? Ok, it turns out we come up with these ideas the same way you and your friends probably come up with ideas too.

We are inspired by films that we like and after chatting about them takes us down countless avenues we usually come up with one idea or another.

We are also inspired by seeing some of the other great creative ideas that the internet gives us access to and this helps us get ideas about what kind of thing we would like to see available.

By having a good group of people with various opinions and tastes you get a pretty good idea of what will work and what won’t. With so many great films coming out at the moment and with decade’s worth of movies already out there to explore we have our work cut out to actually make all the ideas we have come to life.

What About Your Designers?

Our designers are actually Elves that...hold on a minute...What? Ok, our designers are actually human people that have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this world of T shirt making that we are looking to invade like a horde of angry elves that are being denied the right to work by certain Pop Nonsense forces.

From the initial idea to the final product, our designers are committed to ensuring the integrity of our products as well as that of the inspiration remain intact. We don’t want to churn out run of the mill T shirts that do a disservice to the films we love. By paying tribute to the movies, writers, directors, actors and everyone else involved in the process it is our way of saying thanks. Thanks for that wee line that references another film, thanks for putting a poster in the background that only the eagle eyed viewer will realise its relevance, thanks for inviting us into the world of film and escaping reality to join you on your adventure.