Why do you love comics so much?

There was a time where it wasn't a particularly cool thing to be into comic books. You were seen as a bit of a dweeb because superheroes were for little kids not for teenage boys or even adults. Sports were for teenagers, not Batarangs and web shooters. Well I don't care what you say Dad comics are cool! Then something happens. Hugh Jackman and Tobey MaGuire came along and it changed everything. All of a sudden everyone was into superheroes and it has been the same ever since. Which or course is a good thing. The more the merrier. We're not the type of  people who think that it's only us that should be into comics and everyone else should continue to watch the X Factor and leave the geekery to us.

There was also a time when comic book movies were diabolically bad and no studio on the planet knew how to treat someone in a cape with the exception of Batman but in the end up they gave the Dark Knight nipples and a credit card. Okay Spider-Man 3 wasn't exactly perfect but if it was between watching Topher Grace dilly dally his way through Venom and that awful Judge Dredd with sylvester Stallone then I know which one I would choose…

Judge Dredd. I'm only joking.

Even relatively cult comic book characters got dragged into the gutter, for reference give Spawn a watch if you haven't already. The Marvel Expanded Universe and the DC Universe are reigning supreme right now and it doesn't seem as if they are going away any time soon. Even my friends who have never read a comic in their life can't wait for another Guardians of the Galaxy film. Characters have jumped straight off the page and right onto the screen and the masses absolutely love it!

Everyone has their guys though. For me it's Batman, Spawn, Wolverine and Deadpool (can you see a theme there.) superman was always too clean cut for me. He’s perfect. I want flaws. I want a big moody angry man that takes all his personal problems out on his unsuspecting victims and chalks it up to saving the planet but that's the thing about comics everyone resonates with a certain character and then make it their ambition to learn everything about them. I have friends who only collect one characters comics series and one shots and that's it. It's all because that person (its Spider-Man by the way) means so much to him that everything else will always pale in comparison. That's also the reasons when the powers that be says they are going to change canon or shape the characters into something else the comic community loose their minds. You should have seen my face when I heard they were going to give Joker a definitive back story. I was far from pleased. I won't give too much away on that one. Sometimes these changes are great, sometimes they can never live up to expectations but that just goes to prove how passionate people are about these stories and that why we love them and the community surrounding it.

Ever been to a  Comic-Con? The first time I walked into that hall I remember feeling like “I am now amongst my own people!” The atmosphere is electric and everyone just can't wait to get stuck into all the geekery that is on offer. Comics are cool and that's that!

What sort of Comic Book stuff do you have?

Everyone owns a Batman T-Shirt. They are ten a penny. You can do your weekly big shop and pick up half a dozen Batman Shirts without batting an eyelid (pardon the pun if there is one there.) What about an Ace Chemicals T-Shirt? Or a GCPD pin badge? They are a bit harder to find and your run of the kill superhero film fan won't know what the nod is too? What about a  Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children patch? Does that sound enticing?

Well that's the sort of thing we have in store. Obscure references and trivia based merchandise that will make you the envy of everyone when you walk into that Comic Convention Hall One.

What about upcoming releases?

I'm sure you will agree it's hard enough as it is to keep up with everything that is going on in the world of comics? Story lines split. Characters get revamped. Entire lines of comics that have ran for decades get a complete overhaul. People die. People come back from the dead. I could go on and on. Even films are hard enough to keep track off. In my lifetime there has been three Batman revamps and 3 Spider-Man's. Two with Sony and now the web slinger is back in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but there is another Venom who chances are this Spider-Man won't ever meet. Put it this way Captain America used to be Johnny Storm.

Now that the rants over of course we will keep up with upcoming releases because we're total geeks and that's what we do. We complain about every single minute detail and still put our hands in our pockets to buy up everything we can. It's a gift!

How Can I Keep Up to Date with your stuff?

The easiest way to do that my friend is to sign up to the Pop Nonsense mailing list. That way you will never miss a beat. A lot of the stuff we have on sale will continue but we will be releasing limited edition prints, T-Shirts, badges and other merchandise so if you sign up to our mailing list you will be the first to know when they are released and how to get one.

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