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Overlook Hotel - Phone Wallet Case

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The Shining was Stephen King’s third published novel and was released in 1977, 36 years later King released Doctor Sleep, a sequel that catches up with Danny.The film was released 3 years after the book in 1980 and it has often been stated that King was not a fan of Kubrick’s film. He went on to criticise the character of Wendy, played by Shelly Duvall as nothing more than someone that was just there to “scream and be stupid”.

Needless to say that the public thought differently and the movie has gone on to become a classic in its own right, not just in the horror genre. As with any film that stays popular for so long there will be iconic scenes, lines and imagery and the Overlook Hotel carpets have gone on to have a life of their own.

The design is proving to be as popular in fashion as it was on film and that is why we thought an Overlook Carpet phone case would be ideal. No matter what kind of phone you have you can just search through the options and order an Overlook Phone Case which will be custom made especially for you.

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Environmentally-friendly, animal-safe, leather-like material.

RFID protection material built in.

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.