Stranger Things Trivia, Easter Eggs & Facts

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Stranger Things Trivia, Easter Eggs & Facts

Stranger Things 2 is back on October 27th. Just in time for Halloween and everyone we have spoken to about it are excited. With so many great references and Easter Eggs, Stranger Things was a dream for people with a love of 80’s pop culture and films and hopefully, the second series will be the same. By introducing new characters and letting us catch up with our favourites from the first series it looks like things are getting bigger and, hopefully, better.

Stranger Things Trivia, Easter Eggs & Facts

Already we have seen a couple of Easter eggs such as the glowing orb on Netflix promo’s that you can click and enter the Upside Down. As well as that, if you listen to the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack on your computer rather than your phone you will also get a treat. It’s little things like this and the nods to great films and authors that have got so many fans involved in the series. It would have been easy to make the show a vessel purely for references but the fact that that it has substance, great characters a brilliant soundtrack and enthralling storyline just goes to show how impressive the Duffer brothers are. We have been on the lookout for facts, trivia and Easter eggs from Stranger Things so here is a list of things we have found by scouring the darkest depths of the internet.  We want you to get involved by telling us if we have missed anything out so we will be constantly adding to the list. After Stranger Things 2 airs we are sure there will be loads of great things, some obvious, some hidden that we can really delve into. Anyway, here’s our list and don’t forget to comment below with any great Stranger Things Trivia, Easter Eggs or facts that you know. Please be aware that there will be Stranger Things spoilers below so if you haven’t seen it yet, give yourself a shake and get it watched!

Stranger Things Trivia, Easter Eggs & Facts

When she was approached for Stranger Things, Winona Ryder had never heard of Netflix.

There are a number of Stephen King references that will be popping up on this list. The first is that the Duffer brothers had originally wanted to direct the new IT movie. After being turned down they created Stranger Things which gives quite a few nods to the famous authors' works.

The Trooper guarding the morgue is seen reading Stephen King’s Cujo.

Tinsley & Anniston Price who play Holly Wheeler also played Judith in The Walking Dead.

Just one of the many 80’s movie references can be found in the Hawkins PD uniform and vehicles. They are the same as the Amity Island uniforms used in Jaws.

Another link to the IT movie is Finn Wilfhard who plays Mike Wheeler and starred as Richie Tozier in the IT movie. He was only able to play both roles after scheduling delays in IT.

Despite the Duffer brothers stating how versatile and talented Millie Bobby Brown is they also went on to point out that she delayed the schedule by 45 minutes after showing up on set covered in glitter. She was 11 to be fair (in name and age).

The trailer that Chief Hopper stays in apparently only cost $1 for them to buy.

Dustin has ‘Cleidocranial Dysplasia’ a rare genetic disorder that affected the way he spoke. Gaten Matarazzo was born with this and it was incorporated into his character. By the end of filming his voice had changed so much, they couldn’t use him to do any rerecords.

Steve Harrington wore the same trainers that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future (not the self-fastening ones).

The logo is inspired by the style used in 1980’s editions of Stephen King books like Christine and Cujo.

The Quarry used in Stranger Things also featured in the 4th episode of The Walking Dead.

Another reference to Stephen King was the children walking down the rail track, reminiscent of the movie Stand By Me.

The Novella Stand By Me was made from was called ‘The Body’ which is also the title of that Stranger Things episode.

Another 80s reference could be how Chief Hopper got his name. In Predator, the 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first character Arnie searches for is called Hopper. The first character to die is also called Hawkins although the name of the fictional Stranger Things town has also been credited as being inspired by Stephen Hawking.

The Duffer brothers were inspired by Elfen Lied for Stranger Things.

As well as featuring a poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing, the movie's score is also reminiscent of his distinctive electronic sound.

State Trooper O’Bannion’s name is a reference to Alien and Dark Star screenwriter Dan O’Bannion.

In tribute to The Evil Dead, there are a number of shots of the Byers’ house with its porch swing.

Steve Harrington was originally meant to be a lot worse, going as far as to rape Nancy Wheeler. It was down to how likeable Joe Keery was that the character changed.

The ginger cat which hisses at Eleven is a tribute to Jonesy from Alien, there is also an egg in the Upside Down that is a clear tribute to the franchise.

Callahan is a reference to the character Father Callahan in the Stephen King books The Dark Tower and Salem’s Lot. OR, it is a reference to Officer Callahan in the Police Academy films. These are the two schools of thought on the subject.

There is an Officer Powell which is likely a reference to Die Hard.

The Upside Down has resemblances to video games including Silent Hill and Zelda Twilight Princess.

Eleven is also said to look similar to Paula in Earthbound.

There are nods to ET throughout with Holly Wheeler dressed like Drew Barrymore and some going as far to say that Eleven’s pink dress/wig combo is a not to ET’s disguise.

The password to enter ‘Castle Byers’ is Radagast, a wizard from Lord of the Rings.

There are a number of Star Wars references and Lucas could well be named after George.

Hawkins Power and Light could be named so its acronym, HPL, pays tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

The song ‘When it’s Cold’ by Moby played as Joyce and Hopper try to revive Will in the Upside Down.

The same song is playing in The Sopranos when Tony is in a coma and in a ‘parallel world’.

The first scientist to enter the Upside Down is called Shepherd. Alan Shepherd was the first American in space so this could well be a reference to him.

Nancy and Barbara are also the names of the two First Ladies during the 80’s.

The series is based on The Montauk Project, an alleged US government project developing psychological warfare and time travel.

The Comic that Will Wins from Dustin is X-Men 134. In this comic, Jean Grey unleashes the Dark Phoenix for the first time.

Other films that might have influenced the series are Firestarter and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The scene where Hopper bursts onto the bus to save the kids was shot to look like Indiana Jones, another 80’s classic.

Nancy is seen by some as a homage to the Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street in her name, appearance and also in using traps to fight her enemy.

The end of the first series saw the boys conclude a game of Dungeons and Dragons. They reference ‘pods in a cave’ and a princess and are said to be preparing to fight a Thessahydra. This could be seen as foreshadowing what is coming up after getting through the first ‘game’ which featured the ‘princess’.

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