10 of the Best Gaming Cheats Ever!

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10 of the Best Gaming Cheats Ever!

What are the best gaming cheats ever created I hear you ask? Well first let me set the scene:

Back in days of yore, gaming took a much simpler form. Run, jump, squash and repeat. That being said, gaming was in no way easy.

Arguably modern games a much easier now for one reason and one reason only. The internet. In the days of pixelated mushroom genocide, there was no Google you could jump on to check out a cheat or a game code. There was no YouTube you could use to watch a Level 6 walkthrough. There was no other option other than to grin, bear it, lose lives, have no continues left, burst into tears, explain to Mum how the game is unfair and tell everyone in your class you competed it months ago. (One of the bonuses of Stone Age gaming was there were no profiles you could do a quick trophy check on.)

Cheats in the olden days were a Godsend but they were damn near impossible to find unless you had a subscription to Nintendo Power which asking for was as bad as swearing in my house or you could jot stuff down on a notepad while watching Games Master they were virtually non-existent.

You can now find every issue of Nintendo Power on Archive.org. Not that it will do you much use now but always worth knowing.


They made life a little more bearable but they were also a minefield. Rumours and downright lies spread schools like wildfire, cheats that didn't exist, codes that didn't work and Unlockable characters that were never there in the first place like Ermacs” in Mortal Kombat. “Ermacs” actually stood for “error macros” but that didn't stop 12 years all over the world making up stories about how to unlock this character. So many wasted hours.

This list, however, is comprised of our favourite real game cheats from across the ages. T

10. Goldeneye - Multiplayer Invisibility

L+C-Up, L+R+C-Left, R+Up, L+C-Right, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+C-Left, L+C-Right, L+Up, and L+R+C-Down



The number of hours my friends and I poured into Goldeneye should be criminal. Truth is I'm not even a James Bond fan in the slightest. Here's some more truth I'm not a fan of First Person Shooters either. Well, maybe that's not strictly true. I'm not a fan of modern first-person shooters Doom, Timesplitters 2 and Duke Nukem are the exceptions. Goldeneye felt like so much more than your conventional first-person shooter. Utterly addictive gameplay and so easy to pick up but difficult to master that is unless you know how to cheat.

The invisible mode in Goldeneye was a sneaky move indeed. It only worked in multiplayer mode and your invisibility only lasted until you responses but if used right it would have your friends cursing you blind!

9. Mortal Kombat - Blood Code


 Mortal Kombat the best gaming cheats ever

It's hard to believe now in a world of Grand Theft Auto Online, Call of Duty and so forth that violence in videos games was once a subject you dare not bring up around protective adults. There were some grown-ups out there who felt that their young ones shouldn't be playing games which depicted people's spinal chords being ripped from their backs and oodles of blood leaking out only to eventually evaporating from the screen. It's political correctness gone mad!

That's why when Mortal Kombat first hit arcades it was a big deal. No one had seen anything like this before and when it was time to port the game to home consoles the blood was taken out and replaced with wholesome and law abiding sweat. That was unless you owned a Sega Genisis (Megadrive in Europe) and knew the blood code. When Nintendo and Sega were battling it out every day of the week this simple code gave Sega the edge. Subsequent instalments to the Mortal Kombat saga just left the blood in while the masses where off complaining about something else that was destroying their children, Death Metal or something along those lines.

8. Doom - God Mode




Doom terrified me when I was growing up. Those pixelated demons and doom guys sad face as I was getting pulverised by them were enough to give me nightmares. To be fair pretty much everything scared me when I was growing up. Jabba the Hutt terrified me until the age of 8 when I saw Return of the Jedi and Princess Laie in her gold bikini then I totally forgot who the big guy even was! Anyway, I digress. Doom was hard, mega hard, stupid hard and if it wasn't hard enough they started to add in even more difficult difficulties but there was always “God Mode.”

Total invincibility. 100% health all the time. Trouncing through all those Cacodemon like it was nothing. Doom pretty much over the way for every First Person Shooter ever and most of them had a hidden “God Mode” of their own tucked away in there. Wanna find out some more Doom Trivia check out our article of the things you never knew about Doom.


7. Sim City 2000


 Sim City 2000 the best cheat codes of all time

Sim City wasn’t the first simulation game to hit PC’s but it was one of the most addictive and groundbreaking. Taking control of a whole computer simulated city doesn't sound like the most appealing game in the world but the first time I laid down a power grid I was hooked.

The game itself (for me anyway) was pretty hard. There was always something going wrong like citizens bursting into flame, complaining about taxes while they were burning to death and the occasional tornado taking everything in the game to Oz but we could always cheat.

Entering the code “buddamus” would get you a healthy budget of $500,000 and activate all the rewards. No more worrying about your approval level because you could build whatever the heck you wanted.

This wasn’t the first time I used a cheat like this to completely bypass the “enjoyment” part of a game. Whenever I played Theme Park for the Sega I would always stick in “ZARKON” into the code section. Unlimted money baby! Building massive rollercoaster in no time at all and the smiling faces of all those sugared up kids was well worth the guilty feeling I had when I used it.


6. Sonic the Hedgehog - Level Select

Up, Down, Left, Right, A + Start



This is game cheats in its purest form. No bells or whistles, no invincibility, no God Mode, no spawning of weapons just a simple and efficient level select.

This was one of the first codes I ever remember using, it's ingrained in my brain and that's why it's on this list. It might seem boring but as a 6-year-old hearing in the school playgrounds that you could use this cheat to pick any level you wanted in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Megadrive (Genisis for our American cousins) sounded like some sort of forbidden alchemy. When it actually did work it was like my third eye had open and I was not worthy of the bounty of knowledge I was about to receive. Okay, that might be taking it a bit too far but for a child who would always die before the Starlight Zone, this was an impressive thing to witness!

5. NBA JAM - Big Head Mode

Up, Turbo, Steal


NBA Jam was a ridiculously good game. It was addictive, relishing in the arcade glory days and it didn't take life too seriously. This was one of those games that even if you weren't a fan of basketball you could pick up and play for hours.

The massive dunks, smashing backboards, crazy sound effects and bright colours made NBA Jam an instant classic on any console it graced.

It also had a host of cheats you could use such as Big Head Mode. This cheat didn't give you any extra powers, it didn't give you any advantage over your opposition, it didn't alter any game physics, all this cheat would accomplish is giving all the players on the court an oversized head. It was marvellous. So much so that plenty of games such as the aforementioned Goldeneye mimicked the idea although they called it DK mode instead.


4. GTA San Andreas - Spawn Jet Pack

L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, RIght.


This one was chosen by one of our Facebook followers.

The best gaming cheat codes of all time

Thanks, Craig!

There are loads of Grand Theft Auto cheats that could have made it into this list. In fact, there are almost as many codes as hours I have spent hauled up in my bedroom driving drug dealers from point A to point B and trawling through pedestrians at the same time.

As much as we loved flying cars, Elvis pedestrians, super punches, jumping 10 times higher than the average male and spawning tanks, getting your grubby little mitts on a jetpack was just great, simply wonderful!

When GTA San Andreas first came out I completely ignored all my friends, stopped doing any sort of homework I had and generally switched off to reality and anything that involved social abilities or contact with the outside world. It was fantastic!

Once you had made your way through the game because the last thing you wanted was corrupt save file because you were using cheats you could roam the city of Los Santos to your hearts content riding BMXs, getting endless tattoos and spawning Jetpacks! The jetpack wasn't the best way to get around Los Santos but I can guarantee the first time you put one on in the game and shot at people with your hand gun while flying over head you would have thought this was the single greatest achievement of the human race.


3. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 - Moon Physics

X, Square, Left, Up, Down, Up, Square and Triangle

 Tony hawk's pro skater 2 best game cheats ever

Can I just take this opportunity to clear something up. His name is Tony Hawk, not Tony Hawk’s. The “S” was only added to his name because it's his Pro Skater. It just a grammar thing. Sorry, that's been annoying me for the best part of 17 years. I had this argument too many times back in my schools days. Now that that’s cleared up.

How good where the Tony Hawk games. Obviously, they were great until Skate came along and mad everyone in the world simultaneously shouts “Hey Tony Hawk’s was just button bashing!”

Well, that's true but none the less the first 4 games in the Pro Skater series where great, they didn't take themselves too seriously and there was loads of additional content tucked away in there for you to unlock all without stealing your mum’s credit card and downloading it. Characters like Spider-Man, special Moves, Officer Dick, Bails videos and much more. They also had their fair share of cheats in there like Moon Physics.

In a points driven game like Tony Hawk’s being able to cram as many flip and grab tricks on a vert ramp was key to tanking your friends score and with Moon Physics you could pull of 1080’s without even breaking a sweat.

There was nothing quite like floating around School II now though was there?


2. Meteoroid - Samas Aran is a Women!

Justin Bailey


Back in 1986, no one knew that Samar Aran was women. That's why when rumour spread that if you typed ‘Justin Bailey’ into the code section with all spaces on the second line Samas would appear sans-costume.

Not like that bogus make Lara Croft and pixelated and naked cheat. Why anyone would want to Lara naked with here triangle shaped boobs beats me, sorry I mean why anyone wouldn't want to see Lara and her triangle boobs beats me! Samas Aran would appear in a bikini as if she didn't have enough time to stick on her uniform. This one one of those things in the 1980s that had to be seen to be believed.


1. The Konami Code

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

The Konami Code Gaming Cheats 

Okay, okay calm down internet keyboard gangsters it was pretty obvious this was going to be number one on the list but come on, it's the Konami Code!

The Konami Code made its first appearance in a side scrolling shoot em up Gradius where it would give you a full set of power-ups but it really came into its own in the NES classic Kontra. Entering this would give you 30 lives which would come in fairly handy considering how hard Konta was at points.

Since then the Konami Code has appeared in games such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Batman Returns, Silent Hill 3, Castlevania and much, much more. The code is so drenched in the absurdness of pop culture that at one point if you entered the code on the ESPN website you would be rewarded with a burst of unicorns and rainbows. In fact, the code has made an appearance on Facebook, Google Reader and Digg.

The code itself has lost a bit of its lustre in the last decade and it is mainly used to unlock Easter Eggs but that's probably more to do with the nature of gaming today. If games were all about chasing ghosts, eating cherries throwing barrels and shooting asteroids the Konami code would probably give a little more bang for its buck.

It’s been in Wreck it Ralph when King Candy is entering a secret password it is, you guessed it the Konami Code.

If you have an Alexa and say the Konami Code out loud Alexa will say “Super Alexa Mode.”

The code is everywhere and that’s why it made it to number one on our list. Even if you're not a gamer and wandered on to our list by accident because you were searching for moon physics or something you will have seen a sneaky Konami Code tucked away somewhere. It’s been around for over 20 years and it's not going anywhere anytime soon so get used to it.

That's our list of our favourite game cheats. Did we leave any out? Let us know your favourite cheats in the comments below and while you are here why not check out some of our gamer geek t-shirts. You can save a massive 15% when you sign up to our mailing list.

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