‘Hey Do You Remember?’ – Interview

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‘Hey Do You Remember?’ – Interview

We had the chance to ask Chris from HDYR a couple of questions so we will leave it to him to describe what the podcast is about.

Like Movies? Like Podcasts? If you said yes to both of these I would thoroughly recommend ‘Hey Do You Remember?’. It is one of my favourite podcasts at the moment and has been running long enough for you to dive into and enjoy loads of episodes.

We had the chance to ask Chris from HDYR a couple of questions so we will leave it to him to describe what the podcast is about.

For anyone that doesn’t know what your show is about how would you describe it?

The one sentence pitch is that we pick a movie or TV series we grew up with, share our memories of it, then take off the rose-tinted glasses to see how it holds up.

Beyond that, it’s an excuse to talk about what else was happening in the world when a certain movie or show was released, what was going on in our lives, and how all of that starts to tie together. The movies are just a jumping-off point. There are tangents, personal (and often embarrassing) stories, and recurring games and bits.

It can sometimes get heavy, but for the most part, we keep things pretty light and silly. This is not a blind celebration of nostalgia and it’s not a straightforward movie review show. The hope is that listeners come for the titles they remember and stay once they get to know the three of us. I love when someone tells us they’ve gotten to a point where it doesn’t matter if they’ve even heard of the movie we’re covering or not.

Are all you guys old friends or did you meet up through a love for films?

Donna and I have been friends for over a decade. And even though Carlos and I didn’t meet through our love of films, it’s definitely one of the first things we bonded over. We all used to work together and even though we stayed in touch after going our separate ways, it was mostly just the occasional text message or a little bit of back and forth on social media. It’s really this podcast that has given us an excuse to meet face-to-face and have actual conversations on a regular basis.

When you started did you expect to have people listening from all around the world?

We had no expectations. I was just really getting into podcasts and knew I wanted to try making one. We’ve never aggressively promoted the show or given too much thought to how to reach more people. It grew organically for the most part, which has been surprising and amazing.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by any movies that you have re-watched?

Yeah, and those are always the episodes I enjoy the most. Where something is as good as we remembered it or when we can appreciate a movie on an entirely different level than we did as kids. I know listeners sometimes get bent out of shape when we rake a movie they like over the coals, but I still think overall we have a positive vibe. Even if I don’t love something, I try to look for the silver lining or highlight aspects of it that are successful.

Do you have a list of films that you will be doing or is it off the cuff?

When the show first got a little bit of a following and more requests started coming in, I had a much more thorough process for cataloguing all that stuff. There’s a little bit less of that now. Sometimes we’ll make a point of scheduling an episode to coincide with a certain holiday or a new release hitting theatres, but a lot of the time it comes down to the three of us standing here trying to figure out what we feel like watching next. We always run through the requests first and I think in addition to that each of us has a wish list of titles we know we want to cover at some point.

Are there any films you are scared to go back to in case it ruins your memories?

Everything’s fair game. It’s a pretty good balance though. For every harsh reality, there’s a pleasant surprise.

Hey Do You Remember Podcast GremlinsDo you still have feelings for the female Gremlin? (When you listen to a certain episode this question will make sense.)

Hahaha! I have to point out that it was the description of her in the Gremlins 2 novelization and not the movie itself. Which doesn’t make it better? Like, at all. But still.

Finally, a question we ask everyone. On a good day, what is the most impressive animal you think you could take in a one on one fight? (Theoretically, we don’t condone sparring with animals).

This is tough. I was having a hard time picturing any animal I’d want to fight, but then I remembered this goose that terrorized me as a kid one afternoon. My dad took my sister and me to this park and this damn thing chased me all around the parking lot. So maybe a rematch with that asshole. He’d have to be alone though. If any of his friends got involved, I’d be done for.

If you want to find out more about ‘Hey Do You Remember?’ either search for the Podcast or visit their social profiles at –



Or at http://27thletterproductions.com/hey-do-you-remember.

Thanks a lot to Chris for the interview and we look forward to joining you, Donna and Carlos for more trips down memory lane in the future.


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