8 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Lost Boys

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8 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Lost Boys

When it comes to vampires films The Lost Boys always gets a mention. When it comes to quintessential 1980’s films The Lost Boys will always get a mention and we can all feel suitably old and decrepit in the knowledge that The Lost Boys is 30 years old today.

I’ll let that sink in for those who remember it hitting the cinema. I, on the other hand, was approaching my first birthday when it was released but don't worry when I hear my son asking for a “Yo-Kai Watch” and my 13-year-old brother in law asking what my “gamer tag” is I feel old too. We are not alone in the fight against growing up. Kinda like the Lost Boys if you think about it.

So to celebrate the fact that The Lost Boys is 30 years old today (and to remind people that Vampires are bad ass, chain-smoking, Jack drinking womanisers and not sparkly, emotional drama queens) we thought we would dig out some things you (probably) don’t know about The Lost Boys.

Ben Stiller Could Have Been a Lost Boy?

So this one could be true or completely false but it's a cool story nonetheless. Stiller made a joke at the 2010 Hollywood Life Young Hollywood Awards stating “the last time I saw a room full of so many talented faces was when I auditioned for The Lost Boys… it was between me, and Kiefer, and the two Coreys.” Now Mr Stiller is the around about the same age as the cast of The Lost Boys so who knows Zoolander could have auditioned for one of the parts. Stiller was still relatively unknown in 1987 even though Empire of The Sun was released that year but looking back I couldn’t imagine the “Blue Steel” look cutting it as a hellspawn Vampire demon. Who knows…

The Opening Scene


If you’ve not seen this film then let me ask you two questions. Why are you reading a list about a film you have never seen? And how could you make it this far in life without seeing The Lost Boys? Anyway if you are one of the 3 people on the planet who hasn't seen The Lost Boys this next bit of trivia will spoil it for you.

The opening scene on the Merry Go Round tells you in what order the Vamps are going to die. They appear in reverse order according to death. Marko dies first, Paul second, Dwayne third and David last.

Also, Edgar Frog gives you a sneak peek into how the Vamps will die. “No two vamps die the same way, some yell and scream, some go quietly, some explode, some implode.”

Michael, Michael, Michael

The word Michael is used 118 times in the whole movie. First time I watched The Lost Boys I remember Kiefer Sutherland using it a whole lot. Turns out he wasn't the only culprit.

The Lost Girls

Again…massive spoiler if you haven’t seen but why are you still here.

Ever notice how Kiefer Sutherlands character David doesn’t burst into flames and melt into nothingness when he is impaled on the antlers in the final scene. That's because David wasn’t supposed to die. The sequel “The Lost Girls” was written but never made and David’s supposed “death” was going to play a part in the next movie. There has been two “Bargain Bucket” sequels made though. Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008) and Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010.)

Corey Feldman is the only person to appear in all three films.


Lost Boys Facts and TriviaIt won't come as a surprise that Joss Whedon took quite a bit of influence from the 1980s cult classic The Lost Boys. Whedon had said in the past:

“The idea of them looking like monsters and then looking like people, that was in Lost Boys, and that was very useful for us,”

“You could have somebody fool you, or someone like Angel seems like he’s not a vampire and then he is one.”

Not only that but the term “Vamp Out” was invented by The Lost Boys. It was later used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Frog Brothers

The Frog Brother, Edgar Frog and Alan Frog are a homage to the gothic horror writer Edgar Allan Poe.

People are Strange

The song “People are Strange” appears in the film, we all know that. The song was originally written by The Doors and a portrait of Jim Morrison can be seen in the cave of the Lost Boys but did you know that in Sam’s room you can see a poster of Echo and The Bunnymen, the band that performed the cover of “People are Strange” for the film.

Peter Pan

“The Lost Boys” is the name of Peter Pan’s cohorts that will never grow up but originally that is exactly what the vampires were intended to be. Originally the Vampires were going to be a lot younger. That is until Joel Schumacher was brought in to direct. He decided he would like to turn the Vamps into teenagers rather than making a “Goonies go vampire” type of film…

…luckily for us. He did!

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