10 Things You Didn't Know About Jim Carrey

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jim Carrey

I grew up on Jim Carrey films. As a child of the 90s, it was unavoidable. We would run around the playground shouting “All Righty Then” and “Smokin!” My personal favourite though was coming out of the toilet wafting my arms saying “Do not…Go in there!”

I’m now a Dad of two (time to grow up a bit probably) and I must admit I’m looking forward to working through his back catalogue and watching my sons faces when they watch Dumb and Dumber for the first time.

As I got older Mr Carrey went on to make films like ”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Man on the Moon” and I started to look at him as something different. A damn good actor! He is much, much more than the man with rubber face so to prove that fact here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jim Carrey.

1.He’s a Massive Metal Fan

So am I but you don’t care about that…

In Ace Ventura Pet Detective Carrey actually asked If Cannibal Corpse could appear in the film. In the scene we’re Ventura goes through the nightclub originally it was going to be a fake band playing. Carrey asked if Cannibal Corpse could take the place and the rest is history. Cannibal Corpse drummer and co-founder Paul Mazurkiewicz said:

Cannibal Corpse 10 Things You Didnt Know About Jim Carrey Facts and Trivia

“We got a call from our record label, Metal Blade, saying that they’d got a call from Jim Carrey’s people saying that he wanted us to be in this movie he was making. Of course, that’s not a call you’re expecting to get. It just didn’t compute, you know? But it was a phone call, simple as that.”

2. Cannibal Corpse Said No at First!

“We turned it down at first because we had a European tour lined up during the time they wanted us down in Florida to shoot our scene. We’d had the tour lined up for months, and we’re not the kind of band that goes back on deals that we make, so we had to decline. But a few days went by and we got another call saying, “Jim Carrey really wants you guys. They’re gonna rearrange their schedule to accommodate you.” That just blew us away, because this is a major movie production, you know? I mean, Jim wanted us that bad. So, of course, we agreed to do it. We were just kids from Buffalo, so it was very exciting for us to be wanted in that way.”


3. He Was Friends With Tupac 


In 1993 Tupac Shakur was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room. He was found guilty and received a between 1-4 years in prison. During this time Carrey regularly wrote letters to Tupac to make him laugh and keep up his spirits. Carrey believed that Shakur was innocent and the stories had been embellished. The two were friends long before the trail. It was during this time in prison that Tupac read the works of Niccolo Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. Upon his release, Tupac vowed to turn over a new leaf.

4. He Used To Wear Tap Shoes To Bed

When Carrey was a kid he was often asked by his dad to get up during the middle of the night and perform for his mum.

“I had a sick mom, man. I wanted to make her feel better […] Basically, I think she laid in bed and took a lot of pain pills. And I wanted to make her feel better. And I used to go in there and do impressions of praying mantises, and weird things, and whatever. I’d bounce off the walls and throw myself down the stairs to make her feel better.”

What a class act.

5. The $10 Million Cheque


This is the one most inspirational things I have ever read and if I’m honest with you I find myself visualising goals because of this story.

In 1983 Jim Carrey was flat broke. He was working hard on the stand-up circuit but was still waiting for his big break. Every night he would sit in his car on the Hollywood hills and visualise what it would be like to stay in one of the big houses down below. Shortly afterwards he wrote himself a cheque for $10 million for “Acting Services Rendered” and kept it with him in his wallet. He post-dated it for 10 years and by 1995 came round he was offered $10 million dollars to take on the part of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. He had slipped the original cheque into his dad’s coffin at his funeral in 1994.

6. Meet the Parents


Carrey was originally set to play the lead role in Meet the Parents alongside Robert De Niro. He even helped contribute jokes to the screenplay. In actual fact, it was Carrey who came up the surname Focker.


7. Johnny Depp Took Two of his Roles


Originally Jim Carrey was considered for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Disney hit Pirates of the Caribbean. Carrey said no because he was set to make “Bruce Almighty” and Mr Depp was ultimately given the role. The same thing happened again when casting took place for the 2005 remake of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Could you imagine Jim Carrey as Willy Wonka?


8. Dr Who


Jim Carrey was offered the role of the eighth Doctor in 1996. A part that Paul McGann eventually took. Carrey had never even heard of Doctor Who but soon became aware of how die-hard the fans were and he thought it would cause an outrage if non-fan took the role. Turns out he made the right choice because when Jodie Whitaker took the role, some fans on twitter lost their minds. Apparently, in the eyes of some Dr Who-ers you can’t play the last Time Lord if you are woman or a non Doctor Who fan.


9. Room 217


During the filming of “Dumb and Dumber” Carrey requested to stay in room 217 of The Stanley Hotel. The same hotel which inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining.” There have been countless stories of weird goings on in room 217. Carrey lasted three hours before he decided to check out. One of the tour guides Kevin Loft recalled “That’s a shady one. What happened to him in that room, we don’t know. He’s never spoken of it.”


10. He Was The First Actor to Have All the Number 1’s


In 1994 “The Mask”, “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”, and “Dumb and Dumber" all hit the cinema. What a year that was! All three films came in at number 1. An unbelievable feat.

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