Stephen King's Derry Like You Have Never Seen it Before

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Stephen King's Derry Like You Have Never Seen it Before

There is nothing like a fandom that is not only dedicated to something but is equally as talented. The creator of this Stephen King inspired diorama definitely falls into that category.

Welcome to Derry was created by Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler who has been a fan of Stephen King’s IT since first reading the book at the age of 12.

She said she wanted to capture both sides of King’s fictional town “the romantic sepia-toned as much as the dark-insidious feature”.

The spark that started the project was finding an old 1958 stereo corner unit. The original Losers Club scenes are set across 1957/58 so much like Bill came across his trusty bike ‘Silver’ twice in IT, Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler found the ideal piece of furniture to make this artwork a reality.

There are countless references in the novel to the music of the era and there is even a tribute to ‘The Richie Tozier All Dead Rock Show’ which readers will recognise straight away.

The idea came after speaking to a friend that spoke of a dream that took place in different cabinet drawers. This opened up the possibility of combining a beautiful depiction of Derry while the murky underworld remains hidden beneath until you open the doors.

There is no mention on her site of just how long this project took from start to finish but there are some great descriptions of the work in progress and the techniques she used to get the incredible effect of a whole town into a fairly small cabinet.

The attention to detail from sourcing an original ‘Teenage Werewolf’ film poster for the double feature some of the gang go to see in the book to the original Bert the Turtle poster from the era. Beyond that, you have Mr Keene’s Drug Store which plays a prominent part in the novel and original mini-series with Bills bike ‘Silver’ propped up against it as well as the Silver Dollar bar that has a bloody history itself. The more eagle-eyed among you might even have noticed a cameo from one of King’s other famous works a model kit version of Christine the Red 1958 Plymouth Fury that is a whole other story!

Stephen King Art

Even the smaller details of the incredible ‘Missing’ posters make this work a Stephen King fans dream, this is before you even visit the Derry sewer system.

Linked by a manhole in the upper half of Derry, the underworld is a direct change of mood and we can see how straight away how the artist wanted to create these two worlds that live side by side. Again, the attention to detail in here is unbelievable from the hand cut brickwork of the sewer to the intricate details that weave narrative so well in such a small space. The lighting gives it that extra element while the graffiti saying ‘The Turtle Can’t Help Us’ will make sense to readers of the novel and portrays the bleak hopelessness of being lost in Derry’s sewer system. A small sneaker can also be spotted in the sewer, even those who have seen the latest trailers for IT (2017) can probably guess who that belonged to.

There are countless other great little Easter Eggs hidden away in ‘Welcome to Derry’ but we will leave some for you to find yourselves.

An incredible piece of work and we can’t recommend visiting the site highly enough as you can click through each photo of the works in progress through to the finished article and read small descriptions from the artist herself.


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