Skarsgård’s Castle Rock Character Very Different From Pennywise

“I’m using a completely different tool set here for this one.”

If you know anything about the new Stephen King series Castle Rock, not that many of us know much, you will know that Bill Skarsgård won’t be reprising his role as Pennywise. With that being said our title looks a bit obvious now but never mind.

If you read on you will encounter mild spoilers and theories built around the 2 trailers and the brief chats that certain actors have had about the series. If you are worried that you might see something you don’t want to then read on with caution.

What we do know is that Castle Rock will be exploring the Stephen King Universe. The original teaser trailer threw a lot of characters and locations from various Stephen King works over the years including that of Pennywise however, speaking to Rotten Tomatoes at the NY Comic Con on October 8th he had this to say about his latest character.

Stephen King Castle Rock Bill Skarsgard

“[He’s] so different from Pennywise,” Skarsgård said. “I’m using a completely different tool set here for this one.”

Playing a prisoner on death row he builds a relationship with Andre Holland who will play Henry Deaver his attorney not like a usual client/attorney relationship though;

“It’s much weirder than that — I’ll tell you that much,” he said. “But I guess the only thing I want to stress is that [Castle Rock is] a completely separate thing than Pennywise and It. The world is brand new. It’s Stephen King’s universe, and Castle Rock obviously as a place and Shawshank as a place, these are places we’ve been familiarized with through his work. But the show is an original story in that world. The character is a lot of fun. He’s — it’s a really weird one.”

Castle Rock André Holland Henry Deaver Stephen King

Sworn to secrecy, the stars of the new show are remaining tight lipped but there are already fan theories out there. The Green Mile, Mr Jingles, John Coffey and Eduard Delacrix all show up in the original trailer, could this be related? Will the ‘Green Mile’ be located in Shawshank? There is also the short story ‘Bad Little Kid’ that features in King’s 2015 collection, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams that could be used here.

Talking about the dynamics between his and Skarsgård’s he said;

“one of the most important relationships that my character has with anybody else in the show,” and that working with him forces Henry to revisit things in his past he thought he had long buried.

“My character grew up [in] Castle Rock, and so I think he is definitely a part of that world,” Holland said. “He ran away from it. Then he comes back, and working with Bill’s character reveals things about himself that he thought were sort of gone — that he had closed the door on.”

With his character being a native of Castle Rock he is forced to confront his past, including his adoptive Mother played by Sissy Spacek. Asked about whether his character will encounter the supernatural goings on in the town he said this;

“I think I better leave it to 2018 to [let you] find out what the specific dynamics of that are…. But he’s definitely familiar with this sort of Castle Rock — and all that that entails.”

Sounds like he will be facing his own demons through the series.

Another thing worth noting is that Melanie Lynskey is the only character, so far, to be credited in each of the ten episodes by IMDb. Interestingly most are credited with 4 episodes, those being 1, 2, 3 and 10. Should we then expect a bringing together in the finale or is this just incomplete information that is filtering through drip by drip.

We can’t wait to find out the release date for Castle Rock and as soon as we do we will be bringing you that news.

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