IT Movie Easter Eggs *SPOILERS*

Spoilers Obviously!

I have to say, after all the hype, IT always ran the risk of being it’s own worst enemy. Thankfully for me it was well worth the wait.

With any film adaption of a book or remake you will get comparisons and people eager to point out what was missing, in fact there were quite a few big differences in Andy Muschietti’s latest version but I did not find myself thinking about them, when I was watching it.

The ‘Losers’ were absolutely incredible and did a fantastic job as did Bill Skarsgard but that’s all for another time. For now we want to talk Easter Eggs.

We already had the clown room in the adverts which revealed a ‘Tim Curry’ style clown and most people had their eye out for turtles, but what else was there? Here are a few that we saw but we want you to tell us any you found too either on here or our social profiles.

The Frog Prince

When the Losers were helping Bev clean her bathroom, Ben took the chance to peek into her room and as the camera panned round it caught a copy of The Frog Prince.

Could Ben be Bev’s Frog Prince, there was that kiss!

Tracker Brothers Trucking

Bill’s Tracker Brothers T Shirt might not mean a lot to people that didn’t read the book, but those that did will be delighted to see this nod to the source material.

As we mentioned, it was never going to include absolutely everything from the book but these subtle nods lets you know that these things are still going on in this Derry too.

Bob Gray

One of Pennywise’s aliases was Bob Gray and the bottle that Richie picks up and tries to smash as a weapon has that very name on it.

We don’t know whether this was left by one of Neibolt Street’s many hobo visitors or if it was, like Richie’s missing poster, one of Pennywise’s tricks but it was good to see.

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  • Kathryn
    11 September 2017 at 2:27 am
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    Richie wears a Freese’s Shirt the when they go into 29 Neibolt. In the book, that’s the department store he hid from Henry in.

    • GregorMiller
      11 September 2017 at 9:22 am
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      Brilliant, thanks. Can#’t wait to see it again and look out for everything

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