Pennywise Prank

If you were walking about late at night and a small child asked you to get their boat out of a storm drain would you?

There would be no way in hell that I would be going near it. This Brazilian prank sets people up in just this way.

After the spate of “Killer Clowns” a year or so ago (did they actually kill anyone?) we are bound to see a lot more scary clowns on our streets after the release of IT. This Halloween could see IT become the new Harley Quinn of cosplay and do you know what I say to that? Go for it!

Don’t put yourself off by thinking there will be loads of others or people that look better at it than you, if it makes you happy just do it. To be perfectly honest I am more a fan of the slightly shady looking home made efforts anyway.

Just a word of warning though, when people see scary clowns they will probably have a flight or fight response to it so you might take a bit of a boot up the arse if you go jumping out on folk.

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