IT (2017) Soundtrack CD, Digital, Vinyl Release

IT 2017 Vinyl Release Benjamin Wallfisch

With Andrés Muschietti’s IT being released on September 8th we have seen a steady build up of promotional material being released from adverts to the recent appearance of ghost like rain macs and wellingtons (a tribute to Georgie) appearing on the streets of Toronto.

It Rain mac

For me one of the most important aspects of getting the film right hinged on the music. Getting the score right would be crucial for this, for want of a better word, remake. It will always be judged against the original mini series but it is important to remember that it was just that, a mini series. made for TV, the carnival like music and engaging performance by Tim Curry were ideal, this film will be very different though.

We have already seen brief glimpses of Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise and it looks like it will take a very different direction to Curry’s. The same can be said of the new score by the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated Benjamin Wallfisch.

IT soundtrack 2017 vinyl release Benjamin Wallfisch

While still quite young, Wallfisch has pretty impressive credits to date with some of his work for recent Horror movies like Annabelle: Creation and Lights Out available on most popular streaming sites for you to get an idea of what he’s all about.

Last week a couple of tracks from the new IT (2017) score were also released, ‘Pennywises’s Tower’ and ‘You’ll Float Too’ while ‘Come Join the Clown, Eds’ was also just released.

Due for a full release on September 8th (the film release date) the full OST will be available to purchase on CD or digitally. The 38 soundtrack also gives us a bit of a glimpse into what we can expect from the film with the individual song titles;

  1. Every 27 Years*+
  2. Paper Boat*+
  3. Georgie, Meet Pennywise*+
  4. Derry*+
  5. River Chase*+
  6. Egg Boy*
  7. Beverly*+
  8. Come Join The Clown, Eds*
  9. You’ll Float Too*
  10. Shape Shifter
  11. Hockstetter Attack
  12. Haircut
  13. Derry History
  14. January Embers
  15. Saving Mike
  16. This Is Not A Dream
  17. Slideshow*
  18. Georgie’s Theme*
  19. He Didn’t Stutter Once
  20. 29 Neibolt Street*+
  21. Time To Float*+
  22. It’s What It Wants
  23. You’ll Die If You Try*
  24. Return to Neibolt*+
  25. Into The Well*+
  26. Pennywise’s Tower*+
  27. Deadlights*
  28. Searching For Stanley*
  29. Saving Beverly*
  30. Georgie Found*+
  31. Transformation*+
  32. Feed On Your Fear*+
  33. Welcome To The Losers Club*+
  34. Yellow Raincoat*+
  35. Blood Oath*+
  36. Kiss*+
  37. Every 27 Years (reprise)*
  38. Epilogue — The Pennywise Dance*

Now here is where it gets really interesting for me. There will also be a full vinyl release of the IT (2017) OST with an 18 track version available on picture disc or a 29 track version available on regular black vinyl or limited edition colour double vinyl set.

IT vinyl release date picture disc benjamin wallfisch

This will appeal to a lot of music fans, record collectors, movie buffs and Stephen King fans but there is a little wait until these will be available with an October 27th release date.

IT 2017 Vinyl Release Benjamin Wallfisch

As you can probably tell by all the posts we are really excited at the prospect of this new film. It is one of Stephen King’s best works and with the hotly anticipated Hulu series Castle Rock being made it could see the start of an exploration in to the Stephen King universe through film and TV that really blows up.

The Picture Disc and Black Vinyl are both available to pre order now with the picture disc being an HMV exclusive in the UK. You can order here –

Or in the US you can order the picture disc here –

It does look like the limited edition coloured vinyl (Red & White) has sold out here – however we still can’t see if that was only a US FYE exclusive or if it will have a UK release too.Limited Coloured IT Soundtrack Vinyl


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    Where is the colored vinyl going to be available for order?

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      Not sure yet, will post as soon as we find out.

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