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Every so often you come across something on your facebook timeline that makes you stop scrolling and take notice. A while ago I joined a facebook group for “die hard” Breaking Bad fans because believe it or not like many of you I am in fact a “die hard” Breaking Bad fan. Someone had made a bust of Heisenberg, Pork Pie hat and all. It was remarkable, so remarkable I had to message the creator and find out more. So I did…

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you get into sculpture?

My name is Scott Primeau. I’ve been doing mostly military miniature modelling for about 15 years. I got into it as a serious hobby after college. I needed something to do in the evenings that was constructive…and I always had an interest in military history.

How long have you been at it? How much effort and time goes into making something so detailed?

I started out doing plastic models of tanks and airplanes and then got into the figure painting and sculpting part of the hobby. I mostly paint figure kits or busts now and have only sculpted a couple on my own during this time. It’s hard to quantify a set amount of time spent on a figure, obviously if it’s a kit where I will just paint it, it’s much less time than a figure that I’ll sculpt and paint. I have sold a lot of my work to collectors at various miniature shows that I attend yearly. I often get pre agreed commissions to paint some as well for collectors whereas I’ll have it ready for them to take at these shows. I regularly attend the Military Miniature Society of Illinois show in Chicago every October and the Historical Miniature Society of Northeast Oklahoma show in Tulsa every June. These shows are gatherings of fellow modellers to show off their work and have their model airplanes, tanks, cars, ships and figures judged by fellow modellers. Some of my closest friends have been made at these shows and I look forward to attending them every year to share my work with others and see what my peers have been working on as well.

You’re obviously a big fan of TV and Film but what’s you favourite thing to make?

Recently I have been doing more figures in the Sci-Fi world, and from movies and TV. I enjoy doing these because there mostly are no rules on what colour to paint the uniform, or maybe I get to experiment more with flesh tone colors. Military figure modelling requires much research and accuracy to get every figure right, this is something I enjoy, but Fantasy/Sci-Fi figure modelling gives me more freedoms to explore colors and techniques. I have done a couple Star Wars themed kits recently. Star wars is most definitely my favourite movie and I really enjoy painting those subjects. In the Military figure modelling world I would say I enjoy WWII the most. There was many different uniforms worn and various interesting camouflage schemes to replicate in paint.

Where can people find out more about your work and sculpture in general?

I am part of a local modelling club where we meet once every month to talk about the hobby, share ideas and work on our projects. The club is called the Minnesota Military Figure Society, we have a Facebook page where others and myself will share projects. I also have a Facebook page that I regularly post my models and figures on.

If you like the sculptures that Scott makes look him up on Facebook also if you’re a Breaking Bad fan then make sure you vote in our poll of the greatest Breaking Bad characters!

Poll: Who Are Your Favourite Breaking Bad Characters?

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