Was Harry Potter Influenced by Labyrinth?

Having recently started reading the Labyrinth novelisation I could not help but notice the similarities between it and the Harry Potter series.

The unhappy childhood, castles and Goblins, the maze in the tri-wizard tournament which the competitors must negotiate for the safe return of someone they care about, Jareth’s introduction to the story as an Owl, the character ‘Ludo’ Bagman and the similarities between Hagrid, Fang and Ludo from Labyrinth .

There were a few more I noticed while reading, see what you think;

A “Forbidding Forrest”

Much like the forbidden forrest that borders Hogwarts, this ‘forbidding forest’ makes even the formidable Ludo scared, just like Hagrid’s sidekick, Fang.

Diagon Alley?

There are many descriptions of alleys in the Labyrinth novel, getting from one to the other is not always easy as all is not as it seems. Much like entering Diagon alley.

Hermione in Disguise?

The prim and proper way in which Sarah behaves and speaks throughout is very much like a certain witch. There are also the similarities in the ball scenes.

The Whomping Willow?

The hanging tree which Ludo swung from trying to thump anything in reach, it could be a tenuous link to imagine this as an inspiration for the great tree.

It’s All in a Name

One of the names Hoggle is mistakingly called by Sarah is Hogwart.


Sarah’s dog is named after the greatest wizard of them all.

Hermione Granger

Not only is Hermione’s demeanour similar but the name actually crops up as a character Sarah’s mother plays on stage.


What do you think? Was JK Rowling inspired by Labyrinth or is it all a load of


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