Red Dead Redemption 2: The Rumour Mill

I lost at the very least 3 weeks of my life to Red Dead Redemption when it first came out in 2010. While I hunted for bears in the thick forests of Tall Trees like a real manly man, in real life I was sitting in my pants on the edge of my bed burning my chin with rushed forkfuls of Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle. I was loving it!

That’s why when Rockstar announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 was in the works I told my wife I loved her, kissed my children softly on the forehead and left the house. They would need to learn to fend for themselves. I was off to set up camp outside Game. I was going to use the skills I had learned from John Marsden to catch local wildlife and survive in the wilderness of my local shopping centre. Once I had ran out of cheese strings I returned home.

Here at Pop Nonsense HQ we are stupid excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 and the rumour mill is pulling some overtime. So I thought I would do some digging myself and here are some of my thoughts about said rumours.

Release Date

First reports said that we would be sitting with a lovely copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 this year but alas Rockstar drew too fast with this one. Red Dead 2 is expected to hit shops in Spring 2018. This is the only thing we know for sure.

Prequel or Sequel

To be honest I’m not sure. I’ve read blogs that have said that it’s a prequel based on the “leaked” map not having any railroads or stations therefore Rockstar a setting the new Red Dead in a time before the expansion of the old west. Well if you look at the map closely there quite clearly is a railroad. It’s the big yellow line circling around that map. Not only is there a railroad it also passes through many of the towns. Which would lead me to believe that there are railway station at these points. There are also blogs online that say it is a sequel based on the fall of the old west. Take what you want from that but one thing we can say is the map looks like it is related to original Read Dead map and it’s big!

The most convincing argument I have heard for it being a prequel is this: The original Red Dead took place in 1911. With the herd of Buffalo being featured so prominently in the trailer and with the species being almost extinct by 1900 this would indicate that this is a prequel.

Shenanigans I hear the interent cry! There were Buffalo in Red Dead Redemption. Yes there was. You are correct. Sit down. Don’t spill your beverage all over your phone. You will need that to phone the girlfriend you don’t have. There were around twenty Buffalo in the first Red Dead and if you managed to slaughter every single one of them you would gain the “Manifest Destiny” achievement. The trailer for Red Dead 2 would lead you to believe that there is quite a lot of Buffalo roaming around the place. So much in fact it’s almost like Neil Young is singing about it.


Truth is everything is speculation at this point. Lets think about this logically though. Rockstar have a track record of cross referencing all their titles so if Grand Theft Auto is anything to go by then it is safe to say that we will see crossovers between the original Red Dead storyline and this one. What exactly this is no one knows yet.

Sailing and Swimming

We can see from the map that there are several islands surrounding the coast. One of the islands has “Sisika Penitentiary” so I think it’s fair to make the assumption that we will see some sailing missions. Something that was missing from the original Red Dead Redemption. Well…

You could use a stagecoach to go sailing some of the waters but only at the expense of killing one of your horses and drowning the other. Let me ask you this. What type of person figures this out? Who is that desperate to find out what lies beyond the actual game enough to figure this sort of stuff out? Who are they and how do I shake their hand?

A Gang

This is the rumour I am most interested in; when GTA 5 was announced and it came to light that there would be not one, not two, but three protagonists it turned a lot of heads. You couple that with some of the rumours that were flying around about the online capabilities of GTA 5 and Rockstar pretty much sold 10 million copies before the release date (they actually sold 11.21 million on the first day.)

There are rumours circulation about the online features of Red Dead 2. Joining a gang. Going on heists. Online currency etc. etc.

If we take what we know about GTA Online and apply it to the concept of Red Dead Redemption I think we could be looking at something incredible. Take away the mansions and replace it with your own farm. Remove the idea of owning a Pegassi Tempesta and get behind the idea of owning multiple studs. The possibilities are endless and with such a huge map filled with forests, deserts, towns and islands Red Dead Redemption Online could be (dare I say it) better than GTA. I know the first installment in the Read Dead saga had online modes featuring posses, gang hideouts and shootout competitive matches and with Rockstar confirming an online mode it is an exciting time to be alive.

As with all games of this nature and Rockstar in general the internet will be filled with trailer breakdowns, rumours and leaked this and that but the truth is no one knows but Rockstar. The Rockstar team are masters of building hype so expect the gaming forums to explode several times on the run up to a release date. Regardless. I personally can’t wait.


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