Die Hard – A Christmas Extravaganza

Seeing that Last week marked 29 years since Its release and it’s the middle of one of the warmest Julys in recent memory here are 5 reasons why DIE HARD is the greatest Christmas film of all time!

Ho, ho, ho, now I have… your attention! Ha, you thought I was gonna say “machine gun” didn’t you? Got you you rascals, I got like you like Ellis gets million dollar deals with relative ease and fuelled by cocaine! I jest of course. It wasn’t that easy…anyway. DIE HARD! Everyone loves die hard. How could you not? Willis, Rickman and of course the real star of the movie Hart Bochner (who plays doomed anti hero Ellis.) It’s all great stuff. Now you’re obviously dying (hard? That’s a bit creepy sounding actually, forget that) to find out why exactly Die Hard is the greatest Christmas film of all time, well, viewers, bubby! I’m your white knight! Here are the reasons…

1. Well it’s set at Christmas, at a Christmas party, so right off the bat, we’re pretty darned christmassy.

2. It’s snowing! In Ellis’ office anyway it’s practically a blizzard in there the crazy son of a bitch!

3. Hans Grubber has a beard, so does Santa.

4. Dean Martin sings “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” during the end credits for Christ’s sake! How Christmassy is that?

And finally

5. There’s nothing that says Christmas film quite like the ultimate redemption of the main protagonist by him helping others and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to be reunited with a loving family, that he thought he’d lost! A theme seen in other such Christmas classics as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and of course ‘Home Alone’.

So there you have it , irrefutable proof that Die hard, is the greatest Christmas movie of all time, or it’s at least tied with “Ernest Saves Christmas” anyway.

Yippee ki yay turkeypluckers!!!



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