13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker

Doctor Who – The 13th Doctor Revealed!

So after months of speculation and frankly ludicrous guesses the 13th doctor has finally been revealed and the winner is…. Jodie Whittaker!! A GIRL!! from Yorkshire!!

The star of TVs ‘Broadchurch’ in which she appeared with previous doctor David Tennant and doctor who villain Olivia Coleman was named today in a brief promo on BBC One.

jodie whittaker

So a northern, girl doctor? Will it be all flat caps, whippets and going back in time to Kellermans to watch Patrick Swayze in action? Of course it bloody won’t! It’s a bold and brilliant move from the BBC who have needed to do something drastic to shake up their flagship show and if we’re honest with ourselves it has been an absolute abysmal since the much maligned departure of the eleventh (and best) Doctor, Matt Smith a few years ago.

Though I should state that the shows steady decline over recent years has had nothing to do with Peter Capalidi’s portrayal as the doctor. He has done the best he could with some dreadful scripts and story lines (the whole Danny Pink saga makes me want to throw up in my mouth.) In fact, the only redeeming feature of the last few seasons has been Michelle Gomez’ outstanding performances as Missy, a regeneration of the Master. She has absolutely stolen the show, even eclipsing John Sims turn in the role for my money. This just goes to prove anything us chaps can do, the girls can do it better.

So good luck Jodie, I hope you get the storylines you deserve . Next stop, everywhere!! Allons y, Geronimo and anyone for a jellybaby ?


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