8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lemmy

Lemmy Motorhead Facts

We all know Lemmy was an absolute legend in Rock and Roll. Some believe he helped create Thrash Metal and he was one of the few who could cross genres with ease appealing to everyone from Punks to Metal Heads…but here is 8 things you might not have known about Lemmy.

Where his nickname came from…

Ian Kilmister earned his nickname, Lemmy, because he was always asking to borrow cash. “Lemmy a few bucks.” There is a lot worse nicknames out there to be fair.

They made a movie about him…

Funnily enough it’s called “Lemmy: The Movie” and it is one of the best modern Rock Docs about. Lemmy owned an apartment on the sunset strip in LA. You get to see the “Ace of Spades’ writer playing Star Wars games on his N64 surrounded by all of his war memorabilia.

He was 35 when Motorhead took off…

Lemmy done some amazing things in his youth. He was a roadie for Hendrix for christ sake and he paid a hell of a lot of dues before Motorhead came into fruition. He was 30 when the band started up and it took 5 long years of record label knock backs before the 1979 album “Overkill” gave them some much deserved credit. Motorhead were dubbed the “best worst band in the world” at one point and their debut album was actually supposed to be a live recording of their last ever gig. Go figure…

His first band was…

The Rockin Vicars’ formed in 1963. They released 4 singles and this is one of them…

Lemmy and Ozzy were good friends…

Thats kind of obvious when you think about it but did you know that when Lemmy first moved to the US he was flat broke! Sharon Osbourne approached him and asked if he would like to write 4 songs and gave him some money for his troubles. In Lemmy’s words “they handed me this lump sum that was more money than I’d ever seen in my life. More money than I’d ever earned with Hawkwind and Motorhead.” Lemmy co-wrote Hellraiser and I Don’t Want To Change The World.

He was also good mates with…
Motorhead Lemmy Facts

Professional Wrestler and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H. Now Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s handle bar mustache is starting to make a bit more sense. Motorhead even wrote The Game’s entrance theme.

His Bass Guitar was dubbed…

The “Rickenbastard" and his bass cab (which was actually a Marshall stack) was known as Murder One. Metallica named a song after it.

They Changed some of his lyrics for Rock Band 2…

The now infamous line from Ace of Spades was changed to “I don’t want to live forever…but apparently I am” and he always will to us. Thank you Lemmy!

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