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Fantastic t-shirt, looks just as pictured and fits very nicely :)

Jabba Hut - Star Wars T-Shirt

Robyn Hibbitt

Really good design and material! 

David Bowie - Sketch T-Shirt 

Amy Pennington
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles geek t-shirts and more

Let Your Inner Geek Fly and Look Good Doing It!

Love pop culture? Are you movie mad? Crazy about games? Daft for comic books?

Us too...

No matter what your vice is we have something here for you at Pop Nonsense. If you are buying for yourself or you are buying the perfect gift for the geek in your life we have oodles of stuff that will fill that obsessive hole!

We have a tonne of great stuff for your eyes to devour. Read some of our articles, digest our trivia, fill your head full of the facts your need to prove to your friends how much you love films. It's all here in written, picture video form. 

Read Some Nonsense

Get some insider knowledge, facts and trivia about all your favourite subjects. We have artciles about movies, gaming, comics, music and much more. 

What is Pop Nonsense?

Pop Nonsense is being able to tell you that the idea for the poster for The Usual Suspects came before anyone had put pen to paper to write any dialogue whatsoever but not really knowing what the square root of something is. Pop Nonsense is being able to tell you that Hunter Hearst Helmsley's (or HHH as he is now abbreviated to) first wrestling name was the ridiculous, Terra Ryzing while he was working in WCW but not being completely sure how to rewire a plug. Pop Nonsense is knowing that the original name for PAC-Man was PUCK-Man but it was changed because vandalising arcade cabinets to make it says something else would probably have become a sordid right of passage for most 1980's teenagers but you totally keep forgetting your pin number on a regular basis.

That is Pop Nonsense. Its having a head full of completely pointless trivia, easter eggs and facts. Having so much pop culture nonsense locked away inside your head that being able to function in real life is extremely difficult and we love it. Feed us more pointless trivia about films, games, television programs, sports, music, comics and anything else we can store in the recesses of our warped and fragile minds. We love it so much that we decided to build an entire website, online store and community off the back of it and its been going quite well if we don't mind saying so ourselves.

Let us take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of Pop Nonsense. If movies are your thing we have all the trivia and merchandise you could shake a flux capacitor at. If its games that float your boat then boy do we have a portal gun that you need to see. If its comics that really get you going then strap yourself in because our good friend Jarvis Tech will fit you up with one of our rather splendid looking custom made caps. We really cant help ourselves when it comes to this sort of stuff. Some people would call us geeks but we don't associate with folks like that. We’d rather kick it with our own kind of people who can hold entire dinner conversations only using movie quotes and those who got all off their moral teaching from watch episodes of The Simpsons.

Hello there friend. Take your shoes off and socks if need be. Get comfortable. We have much to discuss.

Who are Pop Nonsense

Deep down we're just a team of geeks who get together, bash out the reasons why the latest Cloverfield instalment was a pile of dung or why it was a great bit of Netflix watching. Argue for a while over coffee and one cup of tea. Turn it into a blog or a video and make some merchandise about it. We live for the obscure so if you are looking for merchandise like t-shirts, pin badges, prints, caps, mugs and more based on movie references, gaming Easter eggs, your favourite band or old 1980s wrestling gimmicks then your in the right place you lucky, lucky human you.

We have some fantastic artists in our team like the unbelievably talented Tragic O'Hara. Who is one of the many people who provide us with tip top geekery art!

Look let's be honest Deadpool T-Shirts are ten a penny. No offence if you are wearing one right now but since Mr Reynolds burst in as the merc with a mouth everyone and their granny has been saying “I've been reading Deadpool for years.” They are liars. How do you stand out from the crowd then and still fly the Wade Wilson flag? With a Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls T-Shirt of course! I know it's petty but come one who doesn't like an inside joke or a little nod. You’ll find all the geek T-Shirts you will ever need here at Pop Nonsense whether it's movies, games, comics, music or television your in too.

What do Pop Nonsense do?

As little as possible if we're honest. Only joking. We're are working away in a room with no windows, no lights, no music, with aching backs making cool stuff for your to wrap your peepholes and ear holes around.

We dig out the trivia so you don't have too. We are the ones deep down in the recesses of Internet forums and pages with a pickaxe mining out all those glorious facts and bits of insider knowledge so you can sit on your lunch break with a cup of jo basking in the everlasting light of pop culture nonsense. We have a room full of dead canneries but you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs! You can read all this stuff in our blogs or watch it on our YouTube channel.

We have separate pages for movie trivia, music trivia, gaming trivia, television trivia, comic trivia, art trivia, book trivia and just random cool stuff we find on the World Wide Web.

Then what we do is we take all the ingredients we found while creating all this pop culture content and mix into merchandise for your consuming pleasure. CONSUME! Capitalism gets a bad name but if it's good enough for Scrooge McDuck it's good enough for us!

We make t-shirts, prints, pin badges, mugs, hats, posters and much, much more. We also have loads on limited edition and collectible nonsense for you to own and enjoy. If you never want to miss a beat then sign up for our newsletter today. Not only will you be instantly gratified with a 15% discount you will also be the first in line for any freebies, limited edition merchandise or discounts we will be sending out.

You can check out some of the fantastic artists that contribute to Pop Nonsense artists by clicking here.
If you are interested in designing for us then feel free to click our Contact page and send us some of your work. We would love to see it!

How Do I Buy Stuff?

By trading beer tokens. We also accept Pogs, bottle caps and rub on tattoos. We wish that was legal tender in which case we would be loaded. We use an encrypted checkout which means your details will always be kept safe. Trade you money for stuff in our shop and we will send it out to you. We ship worldwide so no mater where in the world you are you can get your grubby little mitts on that Morrissey Shirt you have always wanted. We use numerous couriers and service for our orders but please be aware that depending on where you are in the world it may take a bit of extra time for your purchase top reach you but when it does arrive it will be worth the wait. We will give you estimated delivery times when you choose you postage options so you know when you Pop Nonsense merch will arrive safe and sound.

We use all the latest DTG technologies and fulfilment centre to make sure that you don't get sent out an old shirt or print that has been lying on the shelf for a long time. When you order something from our shop it is specially and lovingly made by people and sent to you, not to dissimilar to the way Santa runs his workshop except we get Christmas off!

So have alook through our store where you will find loads and loads of stuff you will love. Keep an eye out for limited edition merchandise release dates and flash sales but if you really want to be in the loop then sign up to our mailing list and you will never miss a beat. We let all our loyal sign ups know of every possible sale and limited edition offers first, so sign up today!

Anything else I should know?

Han shot first! That and it turns out it was earth all along!

Just know that we love geekery as much as the next fellow. If you ever have any ideas for merchandise that you would like to see in our stores then please feel free to drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. Likewise if you would ever like to contribute to writing our blog or if there is an article or a video you would like to see. Just give us a shout. We may look like Gimli, son of Glóin but deep down we are really nice people who just have a passion for pop culture. 

If you want to know more about our Returns PoliciesCare Guide or anything else just check the pages at the bottom of our site. If for some reason you cant find the information you are looking for them just jump over to our Contact Page and we will be in touch as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for checking out our site, making your first purchase and signing up to our newsletter. Now you can kick back and enjoy that smug feeling us geeks get when we know more than someone else. Well thats enough ramblings from us and thanks again for taking the time to read this rant. We are nearly at 1500 words which is more than enough. How can I round it up to a nice even number but drop a nice pop culture reference at the same time? Oh yeah. SCREW FLANDERS!